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Below are the specifc products that Dr. Michele recommends to her patients to help enhance their recovery and keep them out of doctor's offices! The links are set up so that you can order directly from the supplier yourself.

Relax The Back


McKenzie Lumbar Roll:

This simple lumbar cushion works wonders. It was invented by Robin McKenzie, a famous physical therapist who wrote several ground breaking books on spinal rehabilitation.  I give his exercises to my patients everyday and his pillow is the number one pillow I recommend - especially for the work chairs. The roll is placed in the middle of the low back - where the low back arch is the greatest.  I know it looks different from the average lumbar pillow, but it gives the support where you need it most. If you force the lumbar spine into it's normal forward arch, the rest of the spine automatically conforms to a better, upright posture. (Remember all purchasese from this store are 100% satisfaction guaranteed!)
McKenzie Lumbar Roll - with velcro strap

Standard Lumbar Back Cushion:

This is the lumbar cushion most people are more familar with.  This is a top-of-the-line version of it. It is great for larger people, larger chairs and long car rides.  Most people are more comforable with this type of cushion in their car. But like everything else - it is all personal preference.  It has a strap so it can be secured at the exact spot on the chair that you need it, and it won't fly out of the car or off of the seat when you get up. 

Cervical Roll:

This simple cervical roll is the best pillow to sleep with.  We only need support under our necks - that is where the normal neck curve is. If we sleep on our backs, the last place we need a piilow is under our heads - pushing our head up. We are all bending our heads forward too much during the day as it is. Most of us end up with necks that jut too far forward, and that sets up the cascade of forward slumping posture as people age.  A neck roll can be used as 8 hours of neck rehabilitation while you sleep!    

McKenzie Cervical Roll

Treat Your Own Neck - Book by McKenzie:

Simple, easy to read book - loaded with photos of the, "do's and don'ts of neck posture."  This book is written just for patients to help them understand why they developed their neck problem and how to help correct it.  It explains why the neck pain will radiate symptoms down into the arm as it progresses.  It is a great book to quickly browse through for information on ergonomics and exercise for the healing, rehabilitation, and the prevention of neck problems.  I loan this book to my patients all the time - especially to patients with disc problems and arm symptoms.  The McKenzie techniques discussed in this book have prevented countless patients from dangerous neck surgery. The author is the guru of physical therapy and rehabilitation.   If neck and/or radiating arm symptoms are damaging the quality of life for you or someone you love - I highly recommend this book!      
Treat  Your Own Neck Book by Robin McKenzie

Treat Your Own Back - Book by McKenzie:

Another great book authored for patients by the guru of spinal rehabilitation! Simple, easy to read book - loaded with photos of the "do's and don'ts" for the back. Learn about how your back problem may have developed and how to help correct it.  It explains why back pain will radiate symptoms down into the hip, buttock and leg as it progresses.  It is a great book to quickly browse through for information on ergonomics and exercise. The McKenzie stretches and techniques discussed in this book have prevented countless patients from high-risk, back surgery.  I use these exact techniques everyday on most of my back pain and sciatica patients. It is a good review for patients and great home care for people that are trying to manage their back conditions on their own.  80% of the population will suffer from back pain because all we do all day is bend forward. The McKenzie techniques focus on low back extension to help correct a life of repetitive forward flexion. I can't recommend this book enough!      
Treat Your Own Back book by Robin McKenzie
The most popular analgesic rub in my office. Long lasting relief of back ache, neck ache and joint pain.  Great before and after sports events. Provides soothing relief before bed. Works for tired stressed muscles, overworked and strained muscles and arthritis pain.  Widely used by chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists. 
Biofreeze pain relieving gel - 4 oz tube
Same great pain-relieving product in roll on. Not as popular as tube, but great if you don't want the gel to get on your fingers! 
Biofreeze pain relieving roll-on 3 oz.

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