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Dr. Imossi,

Thank you so much! I am forever grateful to have found your practice! I am feeling awesome, so I will not be coming around, but if I need so, you are the first I will call! Anyone who says don't go to a chiropractor has not had Michele Imossi. You are the best!!! Thanks to you and Kathy always!    - Lou M.

Dr. Imossi, I would be in a wheelchair if it weren't for you!   

- Eva L.

It is nice to have a doctor that goes above and beyond to help her patients.  - Diana

Dear Dr. Imossi,
I believe you have truly performed a miracle on my back and shoulder. I am very grateful. I wish you continued success in your practice. God Bless You.
                                                      - Teresa

I came to you with chronic pain in my hips and leg. You have worked a miracle in my life! I must tell you that the very first alignment you did took the pain away immediately. My supervisor was very surprised that I have fully recuperated in 5 weeks from a herniated disc. I believe that everyone should try your miracles at least once. I'm sure people would come back for more. Thank you so much - you're an angel in disguise.                                             - Rose S.

I am a health care professional employed in New Britain and I am very much in tune with "who is good or not so good" as a physician for a particular condition. Dr. Imossi comes highly recommended by physicians in the community. This recommendation is given out of respect for her judgement and professionalism. I too will refer others to her.   

                                                                                 - Bill

Dr. Imossi and Staff,

 "Thanks" for the dedicated and caring attitude during my treatment at your facility. It is a pleasant and rewarding experience due to the fact that my outer and inner self has benefited tremendously with the re-adjusting of my structure. You have pointed me towards the route to metamorphosis and though a challenge, I will give it my best.

                                        Sincerely,  Freddie 

I feel better. My back acts up occasionally, but the improvement outweighs the discomfort. I've grown to have a great deal of confidence in chiropractic medicine, I'm amazed at how much better I feel without all the drugs to relieve pain and I'm healthier!
                                      - Trish

Dr. Michele,

I haven't had a migraine for at least one month, and my medication is just barely touched. Having had back surgery twice, I was afraid to let anyone touch my back, let alone do an adjustment. Finally, last fall my headaches/migraines became so bad, I was on constant prescription medication, losing time from work - besides being cranky, cross and generally unhappy with how I felt. I had several friends recommend seeing a chiropractor. Well, the first adjustment to my back felt like someone (Dr. Imossi) cut the tight elastic band that was wrapping around my upper chest. It felt so incredibly great.  Since that time I've been seen for my migraines (which are non-existent at the moment) and lower back pain (which has disappeared).

I wish I could convince others that have aches and pains to visit the chiropractor, like Dr. Imossi, who not only cares about your aches and pains, but does something about them (like make them disappear!)                 - Kathy B.

I sought chiropractic care for neck pain. My progress has been excellent. I am pain-free and able to participate in all activities without restriction. In addition, my sinus problems and alllegies have improved.

                                                            - Lynne

I had a very bad back for a number of years and I tried everything else so I decided to go to Dr. Imossi. The results were excellent. After the 2nd visit I knew that there was a real new feeling. The pain is gone and I feel 100% better! Now I can sit longer and be a lot more comfortable. Dr. Imossi is a very good doctor. She cured my back ache and now I feel great. It feels like I have a new back. Thank you so much.  

                                                                       - Katherine

After 27 years of previous treatments and medications, the therapy here helped me a lot. It even helped my vision. It improved my ability to exercise and walk long distances. The results were fabulous!  Thank you Dr. Michele. Your hands have brought youth to my heart. May God Bless your hands like you have blessed my heart and helped me.                      - Antonio

Back feels stronger and pain is minimal since coming here. Shoulder feels better and allows me to do all errands.

                                                                - Angela M.

I love the day that I came to see Dr. Imossi.  From the first day I came to see her, I felt results. I am doing great things thanks to the adjustments she gives me. And all the support! Thank you.

                                                              - Aida

I came into the office with great pain in my neck. A very painful pinched nerve. My progress has been great. I don't need anymore pain pills. I feel as if I never had it. I feel great! Great! I have more energy, less depressed in a big way. I can do more things than before I came in. I'm alive and living again! Thanks to Dr. Michele Imossi and her great staff. I'm able to do so many more things in a positive way. Thank you so much.                                                

- Carol Jean  

So far you have been the only doctor to ease my symptoms. Plus, you have been kind, supportive and so helpful with the information.  I have taken each suggestion. Thank you for the blessing you have brought into my life.

                                                               - Christine 

I sought chiropractic care due to backache from a rollerblading fall. My results have been excellent - no more backache. Plus, I have a wonderful sense of well being. I'm smiling more. I'm even thinking better! I'm glad I chose the physician with the friendly smile in the yellow pages. She really knows her stuff and her explanations for procedures are clear. I made a good decision to seek her experience and treatment.

                                         - Phyllis     

I came to the office for degenerating discs in my lower back and left-sided numbess. The results have been great - I am much improved! I have more energy. The diet changes really helped me. The posture and seating position suggestions helped relieve stress.  I recommend a visit to the chiropractor at least once a year to keep the body re-aligned!

- Cyndie

I feel so light since you have worked on me. I feel so good, I feel like I can fly!                                                                                    -Wieslawa  

Hi Dr. Imossi,

I am very thankful for your care and guidance during my long battle with spondylolisthesis! I ended up using your recommendation for surgery. I currently have no limits  other than pain. I am hopeful for the future. Thanks again for all the help and guidance. It was so refreshing to feel trust in a health care provider!

Sincerely, Melissa

Dr. Imossi and Staff,

To my knowledge and in my senses, a small miracle has occurred. I have finally reached a metamorphosis. I have noticed resilience within myself. I walk with a lighter step, more aware of my environment. I have accomplished many pending tasks. I feel more confident. For a while I had been debating about completing the 5K run at Walnut Hill Park and this May, I finally succeeded. Thanks a mil!!! - Willie

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet and in the cause and in the prevention of disease." 

 - Thomas Edison