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Massage Testimonials:

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Words cannot describe the ultimate experience that I had at the Small Miracles Natural Health Center. Words I must use otherwise no one would know.
Ms. Ella is the massage therapist at the center. I came to Ms. Ella a lump of clay, as a piece of stone. Ms. Ella, with the love of her work, together with her talent, sculpted and molded a human figure out of what I had brought to her.
Ms Ella took the three main components of my existence and gently put them together as one. My mind, body and soul came in unison and at that moment I felt as though I was levitating.
       Thank you Ms. Ella for such a wonderful experience!

After my first visit, I am very impressed with the service done by Ella. I have been with Dr Imossi since 1993 and I have to say the recommendation was an excellent choice. I will be back to visit Ella for this special message. I recommend anyone to give it a try.                        - Jean

Great Massage!!! Felt like heaven after!! Thank you Ella and see you next week!                                    - Alan R.

Last massage (my first) was a miracle.  Pain went from 9 to zero for 6 days.                                                    - Claire

Dear Ella,

Thank you for your help and support over the past few months. You were an important part of my recovery. I appreciate your service.      - Pat

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