Dr. Michele Imossi - Chiropractic Physician
Dr. Michele's Top Nutrition Picks

1.) Omega 3 Essential Fats (EPA/DHA): The “Fountain of Youth” vitamin.  I tell my patients, "If you are going to take one supplement, this is the one to take!" It is the beautiful skin, hair and nails vitamin, and that is only the beginning - your skin, hair and nails tell a lot about your state of your health. Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory so they reduce pain and promote health and healing all over the body. Omega 3 fatty acids have proven helpful in the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses to include: Cardiovascular Disease, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Cancer Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Kidney disorders, Depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Obesity and Insulin Resistance (Diabetes).  Since our brains are composed mainly of fat, the better fats that are eaten, the better the brain and nervous system works.  So Omega 3s are great for academics, behavior, mood, and focusing.  Ideally, we should be getting these essential fats through our diets, but in America, our consumption of Omega 3 (Poly-unsaturated fats) has decreased, while our consumption of saturated fats and vegetable oils has increased.   Omega 3 fats are anti-inflammatory, while the other fats actually promote inflammation, pain and disease.  The best way to add Omega 3’s to the diet is through fish oil supplementation. (Liquid or capsule form.)  Be very careful of where you get your fish oil - you want to make sure that your suplement has been purified. (Remember the toxins, such as mercury, that can be found in fish.)  Below are the products that I trust and recommend:  

2.) Glucosamine Sulfate:  “Fountain of Youth” for the joints. It repairs old injuries and  reverses degenerative arthritis.  It is made from crab shells, and it is the building blocks of cartilage.  The cartilage  between our joints is like a sponge. It is composed of a protein and carbohydrate matrix that acts like a sponge to hold water. The injuries of life place wear-and-tear on the joints and tears in the matrix occur.  Just like a household sponge gets thinner with wear, and can't hold as much water, the cartilage in our joints gets thinner. Glucosamine comes in and repairs the tears in the cartilage matrix so that the sponge can soak up more water again. I have seen joint spaces actually thicken up with Glucosamine. Left alone, once arthritis starts, it gradually worsens. Arthritis medications don't halt the progress of arthritis, they only mask the pain as the condition advances. The key to success with Glucosamine supplementation is dosage and consistency. You need to take it daily because its effects are cumulative - the longer you take it, the more healing occurs.  And you need to get enough into your system. I recommend purchasing pure Glucosamine Sulfate in a capsule. Capsule forms are more easily absorbed than solid tablets. When Glucosamine is alone in a pill, you'll get a higher dose of glucosamine then if it it mixed with other nutrients. Although Chondrotin Sulfate may benefit the joints if injected, Chondrotin is a huge molecule and is poorly absorbed. I have seen better, quicker results with basic Glucosmaine Sulfate. I usually recommend 2,000 mg of glucosamine for my patients with mild to moderate degenerative arthritis and 3,000 mg/ day with patients with severe arthritis or spinal stenosis. It is hard to find plain Glucosamine in a capsule. Puritan Pride has a great, cost-effective product.(Take the vegetarian version - Glucosamine HCl if you have shellfish allergies or if you have problems digesting Glucosamine Sulfate.)  Click the links below to view the products Dr. Michele recommends:  

3.) Magnesium:  The natural muscle relaxer. It is the most used mineral in our bodies. Therefore, it is a very common deficiency. Signs of deficiency are: Muscle Pain, Nerve Pain, Migraines, Spasms, Cramps, “Charley Horses”, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Depression, Fatique, Asthma, Heart Disease, OB/GYN problems, Osteoporosis, Hypogycemia, and Diabetes. Take 250 – 500mg before bed, and sleep like a baby!  Magnesium also acts as a natural detoxifier. It is crucial for the removal of toxins from our bodies. (Just be careful: At high doses, it acts as a natural laxative!)

4.) Whole Food Multi-Vitamin: The best way to get our nutrition is through the food we eat, but since studies have shown that most of us don’t get what we need through diet alone, the next best avenue is through vitamins that are whole food concentrates.  Absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals are much better when taken in the presence of the food compounds that are found coupled with the nutrients in nature.  It is the living varieties of food (and vitamins) that promote health, not the processed and synthetic (nonliving) kinds.

5.) For Digestive Problems:  Apple cider vinegar (a spoon before meals), Acidophilus (good bacteria available in yogurt or supplement form) and supplementation with a Digestive Enzyme formula.

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