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Joint Health

Fountain of Youth for Joints: Glucosamine Sulfate 1,000 mg capsules

Puritan Pride Glucosamine Sulfate 1,000mg capsules

I highly recommend Puritain Pride's glucosamine.  I used to dispense more expensive combination joint formulas, with minimal results.  After much research, I found out that glucosamine sulfate is a tiny molecule that is easily absorbed.  Chondroitin is many times larger and poorly absorbed. Plus, your body can actually make chondroitin from glucosamine. I have seen better, quicker results with generic glucosamine at a high does than I ever did with the more expensive products. Remember, you can't patent a natural substance such as: vitamin C, cod liver oil or glucosamine, but if you make your own special formula of a little glucosamine and a little of something else, you can give it a fancy new name, and package it in a fancy bottle, and quadruple the price.

 The key to gettting results is to be consistent!  For my patients with mild to moderate arthritis: I recommend 2,000 mg of glucosamine a day.   For severe arthritis and arthritis in many different body sites, I recommend 3,000 mg.  Once people are feeling great, I tell them that they can try cutting back on the dosage, but they need to stay on the glucosamine. It is the Fountain of Youth for the joints. It helps repair all the old injuries and keep up with all the new ones. Everyday we keep pounding on our joints. We can't keep making withdrawals from our banks of health - we need to make some deposits. And for most people over 30, that should include glucosamine!

Caution: Glucosamine is made from shell fish - those with allergies need to take Vegetarian Glucosamine (Glucosamine HCl).        

Puritan Pride Vegetarian Glucosamine - Glucsamine HCl
Perfect for strict vegetarians and those with shellfish allergies.  (Results may take longer to notice with this glucosamine HCl formula as compare to glucosamine sulfate.)   

Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate: From Organic Black Cherries:

Tart Organic Cherry Juice Concentrate - 16 oz.
Finally...Something that is incredibly good for you, yet also tastes incredibly good!  This popular product can work miracles on joint pain, and it is good for the rest of the body as well.  Cherry juice is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Since it reduces inflammation, it reduces pain! It is an old fashion remedy for Gout - the most inflammatory type of arthritis.  If it can work for Gout, it can work on your common, everyday arthritis. Plus, it is good for your overall health. Just like other darkly colored fruit and vegetables, cherry juice is loaded with anti-oxidants - the stuff that slows down the aging process and helps rejuvenate the body. Everyone loves the flavor of cherries!  This product is a concentrated syrup, made from organic, tart, black cherries. Drink a few spoons a day right out of the bottle or use it as a natural sweetner.  Add it to seltzer and you have a healthy, natural soda for kids of all ages.  Add it to hot water for a tea or cold water for juice.  Pour it on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, yogurt, or in smoothies as a flavorful syrup.  Add it to whole grain hot or cold cereals for a delicious burst of flavor.     

Caution Diabetics: Since it is a fruit juice, it does contain sugar.  Read the label and consult with your own doctor before trying. If you do take this product, use it sparingly and always take with food.

Tart Black Cherry Capsules - 1,000mg
A no sugar, cherry juice option.  Some people find the pill form of cherry juice more convenient to take, but it isn't nearly as fun and delicious! But it will last longer, it is more convenient for travel and it is potent.  Same benefits of cherry juice in an easy to swallow capsule.