Dr. Michele Imossi - Chiropractic Physician
Muscle Relaxation

Natural Muscle Relaxer: Magnesium Complex 250 mg capsules:

Nature's Way Magnesium Complex - 250 mg capsules
Peter Gillham's Natural Calm - powdered magnesium drink - raspberry lemon flavor
Perfect for people who can't swallow pills - or who don't want to swallow any more pills!  Because it is a liquid it is absorbed even faster that the capsule form.  Regular magnesium doesn't dissolve in water - so you can't just open a capsule and mix with water.  You pay more than double the price, but this 16 oz. bottle goes far and the rasberry-lemon flavor is delicious!  They make a children's version of this, but it is the same price for a bottle that is half the size, just a different flavor.